A longer introduction to Franck Condon simulations

Multidimensional Franck-Condon integrals are important quantities in physical chemistry. In spectroscopy they are directly related to vibronic transition intensities of polyatomic molecules; in reaction dynamics they are used to calculate electron transfer rates in chemical and biological processes.

A variety of approaches have been developed to evaluate multidimensional Franck-Condon integrals. Among these, the coherent state method of Doctorov et al. [ ] has been extensively applied to large polyatomic molecules. Guner et al. [ ] was the first to use this method to simulate vibronic spectra of large molecules. Callis et al. [ ] applied the method to the fluorescence spectra of indole and Berger et al. [ ] to the simulation of vibrational sequence bands of benzene and pyrazine.

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