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FC-Lab2 and FC-LabWin

FC-Lab II is a computer program package for Franck-Condon simulations.
The emphasis of this program is a highly versatile graphical user interface that allows for easy evaluation of FC simulations by online visualisation of geometries and normal modes.

The graphical user interface (FC-LabWin) is based on National Instruments Labview(R). FC-LabWin can help you to set-up a FC-Lab2 project, check your input geometries and visualize the results of the FC-Lab2 results. FC-LabWin requires the Labview(R) Runtime Engine, which is freely distributed for Windows, Linux and Mac and distributed with the FC-Lab2 package.

FC-Lab2 can be run as a standalone commandline executable, however we put some effort in FC-LabWin since we think a proper visualization is the key to understanding the results.

This website is intended for users and people who are interested in using FC-Lab2 and FC-LabWin

It provides information on (or will do so shortly)

- setting-up and analyzing Franck Condon simulations

- how to obtain FC-Lab2

- how to install the program package

- latest bugs and fixes


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